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Upwards CAD applications as a company is specialized in the optimization of the use of AutoCAD and the AutoCAD-environment. Upwards is an Autodesk Authorized Developer.

Main product of Upwards is Amelio Mechanical, a comprehensive, mechanical application to be used in combination with AutoCAD. Amelio Mechanical gives the engineers all the tools for the creation of mechanical and AutoCAD technical correct drawings. By adding Amelio Mechanical to AutoCAD the efficiency is highly increased.

Other applications are FastPlot, a very versatile batch plot program for AutoCAD, and BatchJob, an application for batch processing multiple drawings with specialized actions.

The other main activity of Upwards is the development of applications to customer demands. These applications differ in functionality but are equal regarding powerful functionality and user friendly interfaces. 


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Upwards CAD applicaties

Address: Koewei 7
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The Netherlands
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Contact: Martin Bronsema